Thrift of the Day: Oatmeal Cashmere Jumper

Today’s thrift of the day is a purchase I made last year, during the late winter months when I was starting my cashmere sweater collection.

I found this on eBay for what I think was a definite bargain, and originally ordered it with the idea of gifting it to someone else. There was one thing that I was aware of, which is the fact there was a hole in the armpit of the jumper. This was visible in the photographs, and despite that I still wanted to buy it.

My stitching skills aren’t perfect, but from the outside you can’t see any thread.

The reason I still went for it, even with the gaping hole in the side was that it was easily repairable. The hole was also just where the seams of the armpit were, and since I enjoy fixing things up, this would be a simple task that would leave little to make it obvious it was damaged at all.

Let’s take a look at some more reasons why I bought this sweater.


The very first thing that drew me in straight away was this beautiful and very neutral shade. It’s somewhere between a beige and a grey, which makes this gorgeous oatmeal color blend very well into a wardrobe of varying colors.

As a neutral, I could very easily pair this with shades such as black, white or navy blue. There would be no clashing of colors, which would very seamlessly fit into my current wardrobe.

And secondly, the colors that it would work with were already in my wardrobe too. Browns, golds and pale peach colors would give it an almost monochromatic feel about it, meaning my choice for mixing and matching would not be stumped.


This won’t be too surprising, but this sweater was originally from the British brand Marks & Spencer. Their range of cashmere jumpers are always great quality and great value too.

They are one of the high street retailers here that can balance that sense of quality and value, and on top of that, their style is mostly very timeless.


As a classic style and fit, it doesn’t make itself very hard to style and integrate into your wardrobe. It is a basic crew neck style sweater, and since it’s actually a large sized men’s sweater, it fits very oversized for me.

This sweater is long enough to be a mini dress or a tunic

However, I prefer this fit for a few good reasons. The over sized fit is great for keeping the fabric away from my body, particularly under the arms (you’ll know what I mean!). This means you can keep it cleaner for longer and maybe get more wears between washes.

It also makes a great layering piece, so you can if you wanted to put another sweater under it, or even a thermal layer. But since this is cashmere, you’ll probably find enough warmth in that one layer alone.


You’ve gathered that this jumper is indeed made of cashmere. I can’t talk enough about how much I love cashmere, but then again I don’t know who doesn’t!

As I’ve always said, it’s just perfect to keep me extra warm and toasty in the winter season, and I find that having these pieces means that I no longer find myself shivering in the cold anymore!


As I mentioned earlier, I bought this sweater off of eBay. The thing I love about it is you never know if you’re going to find something for a really reasonable price. If I remember correctly, I bought this in the auction section, which meant I had to bid against potential other buyers to get this jumper.

So how much did I buy it for? Well, as you might be aware, cashmere knits cost anywhere between £80/$100 and beyond.

For this one though, since I bought it through bidding on eBay, the price could have really varied. But since it had the damage in the side, I was very lucky to win the bid and get it for £9/$12!

I think in this case it was just a matter of luck, but it goes to show that sometimes you can find really good deals for great quality products.

This is my second winter using this sweater, and I still love wearing it!

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