Thrift of the Day: Levi’s 551 jeans

Levi’s jeans are pretty classic and popular for many reasons.

And when finding a good deal on something well loved and well made, it’s hard to say no.

This is why my thrifted Levi’s jeans in a light blue wash is in my thrift of the day, because I am proud to talk about how much I wear these jeans, and how much I love them.

There are a few more things that make this particular pair of jeans a special purchase, not just for me, but in general as well. So here it goes.


These jeans are made in a lovely pale blue wash of denim, which works very well in my current wardrobe.

First of all, because it’s a pale and pastel like color, it can work really well with the likes of cream, beige, light pink, and even grey and white.

I personally think that light blue jeans is the best color to mix and match in a wardrobe because no matter what season it is, from summer to winter, the pale color just works perfectly.

I could dress this with a plain tee shirt in the summer, or turtleneck in the winter, and it would fit right into the season. That’s just one of the great things about denim washes. Even though it is considered a color, it can work really well in an outfit almost as if it’s a neutral.


A cotton twill weave has been used to put together this very thick and sturdy item of clothing.

The weave is typical in most pairs of jeans, and gives it the extra strength and durability to last longer for more wears, as the fibers are constructed to be harder to damage than a simpler form of fabric weave.

What helps this too is that it’s made of 100% cotton fibers, making it feel very sturdy and solid. Jeans that are made of pure cotton tend to feel less flexible, but that isn’t a bad thing at all.

Since the fit is a relaxed style, which I will get onto, the fact that they’re not made with elasticity doesn’t bother me at all, and I’m more confident that these jeans will last me some decades for certain.


As described as ‘Levi’s 551’, their description of this fit is a ‘relaxed fit, tapered leg’.

It’s basically a mom style pair of jeans, which means that they are high waisted, have more room around the hips, and are a straight leg design.

For me, this is such a comfortable fit, because it fits right up to my waist very comfortably, and I love how this style tapers at my waist and my ankles, which enhances the shape of my hips.

And as I’m getting older, I’m preferring the straight leg jeans over skinny jeans more, which makes more sense for practical reasons, as I can actually take them off at the end of the day with little resistance (that’s very important!). With skinny jeans, I’m slowly getting more aches and discomfort, and when you spill something on them, you can feel it pretty quickly.

Although this is a UK size 10 and a petite size, the inseam is still longer than my legs, and the waist measurement is a little bigger than myself. I always take this as a good thing, as it still fits me well when I’ve tucked in a knit sweater or just had a big meal. And with those legs, I can simply roll up the bottom of it.


There’s little to say about a jean brand as well known as Levi’s. They’ve been around for over a century making jeans that crafted so well that it’s no surprise why it’s been around for years.

And it’s no exception with this pair that I have here. Just by looking at the construction, I can see how well made it is and how strong and good the quality of the fabric is.

With this particular pair, you can really tell why. The seller on eBay that I bought this from had mentioned how it hadn’t even been worn in a few decades, been kept in a wardrobe unworn. So what I got was not only a well looked after item of clothing, but also a vintage piece!


How much did I pay for this?

So I bid for this pair, and of course you can either get lucky and be the only bidder, or lose out due to popularity.

Fortunately for this one I was the only person! And I was so surprised when I got this for £5.50/$7.50!

I’m pretty sure that even vintage Levi’s that had seen better days usually cost anywhere between double the price up to six times the price I paid! So for something that well looked after, I think that this time I got really lucky. But it was well worth it, because it is one of the few pairs of jeans that I’ve been wearing throughout the whole year so far, through all the seasons because of its versatility. It just manages to suit any kind of season and outfit change, and I take absolute pride in looking after it. I can’t wait to keep wearing for years to come now!

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