Purple Sweater and Pink Jeans Outfit – Winter Style

So today I wanted to show you an outfit containing 2 of my thrifted pieces of clothing that I’m proud of. They’re both quite colorful in my eyes, so at first I thought it would be a bit of a risk. But you know what? These colors work really well together.

Why This Outfit Works

The first reason they work is because they’re both pastel shades. As I’m using a pale lavender purple and a pale baby pink, they complement each other and don’t really clash at all.

The second reason is that they’re actually very similar colors overall. You could say that both of them are either two shades of purple or two shades of pink. There seems to be an overlap in shades so it almost looks like a monochromatic outfit if you want to see it that way.

Lavender Cashmere Sweater

So here I’m wearing a thrifted lavender cashmere sweater from Marks and Spencers, and it’s not only such great quality, it’s also this beautiful color. I’ve been so determined for years to find ways to make purple work in my outfits, as it is one of my favorite colors. I’m so glad that I can finally integrate it into my wardrobe somehow.

Pink Levi’s Jeans

I am pairing this with the baby pink Levi’s jeans, which comprise of 50% cotton and 50% lyocell. This is significant, firstly because they’re both fairly natural materials which are biodegradable, and secondly because the lyocell mix makes these jeans so comfortable to wear. It feels more relaxing in these than a pair of stiff denims, not that I’m against those, but they are definitely suitable in the summer too.

This particular pair are the 721 high rise skinny jeans, and though they’re a few inches bigger on the waistband (and the inseam is too long), I decided to fix it up myself and sew up the sides so it fit me better.


It feels like a great transition from your autumnal colors of browns, camels and generally warmer shades to the cooler color palette. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to wear the warmer colors still, but for me it feels like the colors that go well with a frosty or snowy scene. (Who knows if we’ll get that this year.)

Cream Wool Coat

And in this last photo I’m wearing my gorgeous cream Basler wool coat which is also thifted.(I’m trying to keep a straight face here as I’m terrible at getting my photo taken, but I’m learning!) I love this coat because it hits right at my knee level, which doesn’t make me look too short I don’t think. And like any other wool coat, it ridiculous warm and cosy!

I also put on my white Nike trainers to complete the relaxed, everyday winter look.

I hope you enjoyed this look, and let me know what colors you like to integrate into your wardrobe if any at all. See you soon!

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