Burgundy Dress and Nude Accessories – Autumn Winter Style

Today I want to take you through another look that I’m really liking for a few reasons at this moment. It’s this deep, cool-toned burgundy dress that I thrifted over a year ago for about £5/$6.50 in a local charity store.

It has a gorgeous shape as a skater dress style, where it cinches itself in the waist, which is something I was drawn to. A year ago, when I bought this dress, I knew that clothes that were waist defining tend to look nicer to me for some reason, and gives me a silhouette that I really like the look of.

Also with the higher waist line, and the dress going outward from the waist, I find these designs are great at hiding my tummy when I’m not all into showing it off. Though this is a great design if you’re eating a meal, as it’s such a relaxed fit and not at all restricting.

Another great thing is the material of this dress. It is made of viscose, which is fairly eco friendly in terms of its ability to biodegrade, though maybe not so much in its production. However, since this was thrifted, its been saved from doing more harm to the planet.

And the branding of the dress, where it was originally from was Banana Republic, whose parent company is Gap. They are a high street retailer that give off the image of being a more high end high street brand, and it is reflected in the style of clothing and the prices. I had noticed that the dress was relatively well made, with a few places along the neck line where the stitching could’ve been better. But otherwise, the fabric is very strong and thick.

And lastly, my favorite thing about clothing is whether they have pockets or not. And I’m glad to say that this dress does have pockets, which is great for putting odd things like my phone or keys in, or even my hands. No piece of clothing is better than when style, comfort and practicality come together. It’s just brilliant.

To finish it off, I decided to add my two fairly nude colors into the mix. I have a small leather blush pink bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company. This was given to me as a gift from a family member a few years back, so I didn’t actually buy the new leather good myself. Nonetheless, it is a lovely and strong little bag, and I aim to look after it really well and keep it for a long time yet.

My buckle up low heels are also a blush pink in leather too, and they were bought from Clarks shoes a few years ago. Again, since they are leather, and I bought these around 3 or 4 years ago, this was before I was more aware of being conscious about my fashion purchases. However, I intend not to waste them and will treasure them, since they are such comfortable and padded shoes. These ones are also in a wide fit, which are extra comfortable for my toes.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my outfit, I’m really enjoying playing with outfit combinations and keeping a visual record of it. I hope it can inspire you a little, or if not just entertain you. Thanks for being here!

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