Dramatic: Kibbe Body Type

This guide will help you understand the features of the pure dramatic body type in the Kibbe body typing system. If you’re not sure what the Kibbe system is, or how to approach it, feel free to read here first.

This body type is characterized by it’s strong Yang features. If you are a pure dramatic, then chances are you’ll have a majority of the features. Not having all these features doesn’t mean you’re not a dramatic, but a good majority will indicate whether you are.

These characteristics are best divided into 3 sections.

The Internal Bone Structure

The bone structure describes the proportions of limbs and body parts in comparison to each other.

  • You look tall. Your body’s proportions mean that you appear taller. In comparison to the rest of your body, your head will look smaller and your legs may look long.
  • Sharp square shoulders. When relaxed, they are naturally angular with definitive corners. May be small in width.
  • Long, slim arms. In proportion to your body, your arms reach beyond mid-thigh length. They also appear slender.
  • Long, slender hands and feet. Hands will look large next to your head, but features are elongated.

The External Body Structure

The body structure describes the silhouette of your body, regardless of weight.

  • Long, straight and narrow body shape.
  • Bust/chest size generally smaller or flat.
  • Very straight hips. Bust and waist very similar size with little to no waist definition.
  • Arms are long and thin.

The Facial Features

The facial features describes the shape of

  • Defined jaw. Very prominent square or rectangular edges.
  • Nose is pointed and conspicuous.
  • Cheekbones are high and defined.
  • Eye shape is small, thinner and closer together.
  • Lips are thin, straight and not substantial.
  • Cheeks are not substantial. They show a lot of the bone structure through.
  • Hair is straight and fine.

I hope these descriptions will help you understand if you fit into this category, or whether one of these 3 sections mostly describe your bone, body or facial structures.

Want to do the Kibbe test? Try this one, or this one.

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