Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

If you’ve ever visited Vietnam, then you’ll agree there are many amazing spectacles to explore. One of them has to be this spectacular structure, the Dragon Bridge.

We saw this in 2019 as we walked into the city center during the evening, on the way to the night time markets. I think this is the best time to explore this area.

What does the Dragon do and when?

When we first saw the Dragon Bridge, it was all lit up. It’s definitely something that is very hard to miss, even from a distance! But what’s more spectacular is the show that it puts on.

On the weekends or for special events it starts at 9pm local time. The head of the dragon will put on a show and blow fire from it’s mouth. Once the fire show is done, it will spray water out of it’s mouth.

We were very lucky to be in Da Nang on a weekend day, which was just in time to see the performance.

The show itself doesn’t last very long, but when you’re there to see it, it’s very worthwhile.

This photo of the Dragon Bridge was taken on my partner’s phone. He’s a lot taller than me, so he could capture a better view of the show.

Where is the best spot to see the Dragon Bridge?

You’ll find that large crowds of people will gather up to an hour before the event, which goes to show how popular it is. So if you are planning to see this, make sure you grab a good spot that is close enough. This is more crucial if you’re shorter like me, as you might struggle to see it. I find that standing further away helps me see more, so find yourself a good place!

As you can tell, not only is there a long road of which you can see the bridge from, there is also space on the bridge itself. This is probably the best spot to be right where the action is. We didn’t get there early enough to go up the bridge, but we could see masses of people there, even just standing on the stairs leading up to the bridge.

All in all it was the beginning of a very exciting adventure around the night life in Da Nang city. It’s definitely something you should go see!

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