Investing In Quality Clothes

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Investing in well-made clothes is highly beneficial. Not only are there endless opportunities to enjoy this piece for longer, there is also a good return you can make from it, even after you use it lots. So what makes quality?

Well established brands

The first obvious place to look is at well known brands. This can be your high street retailer like Marks and Spencer or Next, that exist for over a century. High end brands or luxury such as Burberry or Chanel are also great choices. Second hand or not, it’s a great investment.

The reason they work is because they release collections less often, with less emphasis on very fast turnover. Once or twice a season, a collection comes out, and focus can be on making these to higher standards. They are less likely to worry about mass production, and cost effectiveness can be more reasonable as clothing is not super cheap.

With a solid and loyal customer base, these brands worry little about ways to make astronomical targets as they already do. So with a little premium, you get better quality.

More Wears From It

With a quality piece, you know a few things.

The stitches and sewing is more secure. With more time on making it neat and straight, it is more likely to hold in place. Smaller stitches are stronger too and less likely to fall apart after few wears.

Better fabrics live longer too. It can be a thicker material, or a better construction such as tighter weaves. The more complex the weave is, the better it’s durability. It’s less prone to friction and getting thinner more quickly.

Worth the Money

If it’s a better make and construction, it’s worth more per wear. Imagine you spend £10 on a cheap tee shirt, and it lasts 10 wears, that’s £1 per wear. But if you spend £20 on a nicer tee shirt, and wear it 50 times, it’s 40 pence per wear. It makes all the difference.

This is just an example. More expensive isn’t always better quality. It’s about telling the difference when you look at any item of clothes. You can even go to a thrift store to find better brands cheaper.

Re-selling It Later

You may realize some clothes aren’t right anymore. That’s normal, and we don’t choose this to happen. So if it does, you can resell clothes and get some money back.

You won’t get much for regular high street brands, but you can get 40 to 70% of it’s original value if it’s in good shape.

The only times you get similar or more is if you don’t wear something, it’s exactly like new, or a classic luxury piece.

People will pay a bit less for like new items if it’s a deal. In rare cases, like with vintage Chanel handbags, they still resell for thousands of pounds. Unique colors can go for even more money too. Even fabrics like silk, cashmere or thrift sheepskin sell for good prices.

Less Waste

It’s a shame if clothes break quickly. It’s worse when the damage is irreparable, and it goes in the bin. It’s tolerable if the item disposed is unhygienic, but when it’s cheap and of bad production, it is a waste of money. Not to forget, it’s bad for the environment too.

We want to avoid clothes going to landfill at most costs. If it’s cheap fast fashion that we can avoid, then we shall avoid it. And we will avoid mass production of clothes that cause more pollution with bigger factory outputs.

Enjoy It For Longer

When I find a new favorite piece of clothing, I want to keep it forever. No one wants to see their favorite piece fall apart, so it all starts with getting better quality clothes.

Enjoying my favorite clothes for longer means I don’t need to buy anything new for a while. It won’t be necessary for me if I know it’s well made to begin with.

It simplifies my wardrobe too. Think about the fact I can re wear a small, even capsule closet time and time again, with no worry about damaging anything.

I see these pieces from what my mom has passed to me, the quality and the decades it survived shows it’s true value.

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9 thoughts on “Investing In Quality Clothes

  1. This is great advice! I heard on a podcast that most of the items that are taken to charity shops cannot be resold because they’re not good enough quality for people to want to buy them. It’s much better to buy good quality items that we can resell or donate and which don’t end up in landfill. Love your leopard print top & trousers 🙂

    1. @jengreggs H&M has a great solution for this…they will accept old clothing in any condition in exchange for a store discount. They use the old clothes to recycle for materials. It’s really a win win. I wish more stores would do this.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. For menswear, spending as much as you can on shoes, jeans, suits and overcoats in particular, will bring reap rewards in terms of longevity, comfort and fit.

  3. People think they save money by buying less quality clothing but they don’t. When the cost of constant replacing a cheaper item is put beside the cost of a well made garment which you can wear for years are put side by side, the price is often the same.

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