My New Year’s Eve Plans 2020

What are my plans for the start of the New Year? This year sees the cancellation of the customary New Year’s Eve celebrations that normally take place worldwide. I’ll be honest, even though I never do much on these events, it’s still sad it has to be this way.

Hearing that the New Year’s event in London was cancelled is definitely pretty sad. Every year, I am used to turning the TV on 10 minutes before the fireworks go off on the London Eye, knowing everyone in the UK is doing the same thing. It’s a strangely uniting thing in an unconscious way, and it’s always been a beautiful way to start the New Year with those you care about.

What choice do we have? How can having less choice for things to do be a good thing? Well I don’t think it’s quite so bad


This year does feel different for obvious reasons. Though saying that, some things aren’t changing for me still. One of them is going to work. Yes, that means I’m still going to work through the day. Working in a supermarket, I hope this means a peaceful day (but that’s never a guarantee!)

At the end of the day, someone’s still got to sell the alcohol and snacks for a New Year’s lockdown at home.

With the potential joy of a quiet day, I’m hoping to get home earlier and enjoy more of my New Year indoors.

Early Evening

This is considering I get home before 6 in the evening.

My partner and I enjoy watching a lot of streaming services as a past time together. We don’t play much games, but I’m hoping to get something like that in.

If not, we’ll probably be binge watching something we enjoy a lot of, which is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I can’t recommend that show enough, but it’s definitely the funniest series about the kinds of people you should never be like.

Lead up to New Year’s Midnight

At this point of the day, there might be some excitement for the New Year. We will, no doubt, be continuing to watch and re-watch It’s Always Sunny because that’s currently our daily tradition. That’s until we find a new one.

Right now I think it’s very important we find ways to distract from the absolute boredom of staying at home. Because in the UK I know everyone who follows the rules will have to.

For us, our escapism is definitely tv shows that we can enjoy and throw ourselves into. If this isn’t the case, we normally join friends and play some sort of games or attend an event together.


For some reason, I see now as a good time to enjoy myself. That can mean drinking some Prosecco or a shandy. However, when it comes to the event, I struggle to drink.

It might seem strange, and I’m sure many people don’t like to drink, but I know many people will drink as well. And why not, we need our ways to wind down and stray from the stress of the year.

But if drinking is going to make me feel worse, then I think I’m better off enjoying myself sober.

Messaging family and friends

I think we can relate here. If you’re not with certain friends or family, then come midnight, you’ll message them a ‘happy new year!!!’ message.

I’m guilty of this, but this year I think we’ll all definitely be doing this.

It’s self explanatory, since we can’t mingle in other households, so chances are you’ll be getting texts or messages from everyone you know.

I’m sure in some households, people will still be using Zoom calls to communicate, which is lovely but not nearly the same as real interactions. At least we are all pretty fortunate to have technology in our lives to keep communicating with everyone who is far away.

Alternative to New Year’s Event?

Since our big London fireworks attraction is cancelled like everywhere else in the world, this means we can’t watch that iconic yet very short event we see every year.

We are being told we will see a repeat of past year’s firework’s displays, which I am initially disappointed with. However, I think this is a better alternative to nothing.

If they go back far enough, maybe we can compare them and see the ones that I don’t remember as a kid. And that can be quite exciting too.

Can the New Year be Good This Year?

I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to miss out on the normal New Year’s event. Like the rest of this year, this will be a good way to help us reflect and appreciate the things we always have, and the beautiful things that exist in our lives.

It may even be nice spending the New Year at home relaxing. Without the worry of planning or going to a New Year’s party, at least you don’t have to make food for loads of people, just your immediate family.

So I’m going to make sure, even if we’re stuck inside, that New Year’s Eve will be fulfilling and joyful.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re staying home. I’m staying home as well because of Covid, and the curfew here in South Africa is 21:00. Hopefully next year is better than this one.

    All the best, Michelle (

  2. It is very true that if we do not go outside still we can enjoy at home. this new year is different from me in a way that I can not plan anything for the year ahead. It is full of uncertainty. Wish you a happy new year.

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