Thrift of the Day: Pink Beige Frill Blouse

This gorgeous pink, frill-trimmed shirt I thrifted a couple of months back is my thrift of the day. I have to highlight it because even though it’s a recent purchase, I couldn’t help myself.

It makes quite a statement when you look at it. It’s definitely not plain to say the least. So I want to walk you through what I love about it.

Frills and Embroidery

This is obviously the first thing I notice. This shirt has a beautifully designed sleeve edge and shirt hem.

I love this for myself particularly because I’m starting to look for ways to work with my wider-hips to smaller-waist ratio. As a Romantic type on the Kibbe system, this style is perfect. It embodies the curves and circular shapes through this silhouette.

Another great feature is the embroidered pattern on the upper chest. I don’t own anything with this feature, the stitching, pleats, broderie and beads integrated, and I think this is well combined. I love the way this is done.

And look at how cute that embroidery is! Very simple, and clearly shaped like little flowers. Ah I love it!


The second thing catching my eye is the color. At the moment, I’m quite a fan of all things neutral and pink, so this color ticks that box.

It’s definitely somewhere between a beige and pink, but isn’t too strongly either of them. I would even say it’s almost rose gold.

It fits seamlessly into my current wardrobe, which works well with colors such as brown, beige, camel, white and pinks. To me, this is a beautiful color.


No matter how hard I try, I’m still a sucker for nice brands. Who can blame me? So of course it has a say in my choice.

This is a Ted Baker shirt. Now I do love some Ted Baker things, so it instantly attracts my attention.

Ted Baker do luxury high street clothes and accessories, and they often feature a classic yet classy look. Though I haven’t pin pointed my exact style, I know that I’m introducing more soft and feminine pieces in my closet. I also like a more relaxed preppy-look, so this fits both these styles.

Another detail I find pretty cute is this little Ted Baker charm on the shirt hem. I know it’s a small thing, but I find it quite charming!


Aside from all the pretty stuff like the frills, the item itself is quite basic. It’s a standard button-down shirt which I don’t own many of.

But one feature, much like the frills, that draws me in is the balloon sleeves and shoulders. I love this silhouette and I feel like the shoulders flatter me.

As with most of us women, I find buttoned shirts difficult due to the ‘button gap’ that always forms. It’s like buttoned shirts can never get around our curves and proportions correctly.

As for sizing, well this means that going up a size is always better. This shirt was fortunately one size above my normal dress size, giving me the perfect coverage. Apart from it looking pretty, I think that’s all can ask for, right?


It’s no surprise to hear that this is 100 per cent cotton. Yep, that fabric that I’m a fan of.

Cotton shirts are so versatile, as it can wear it now during autumn and winter, with a cute little wool cardigan on top. I can definitely wear this in summer too. The thin but strong material is a great balance, and the style isn’t tied to any one season.


So this can be the deciding factor as to whether a second hand purchase is good for what it is.

At full retail price, Ted Baker tends to start at around £50 or $70, all the way up to over £100 or $140. You might expect just silk and wool to be dearer, but surprisingly even cotton shirts are valued up to £120 on the site. I guess that’s just the premium label on it.

And so for myself, when I spotted it, I loved it instantly. Yes, I believe for all the right reasons I feel I’ll wear this a lot over the next few years.

It’s very important for me to buy if I truly intend to wear things well.

So this cost me only £4.99 ($7)! I was very happy with the price I paid for this.

I think this was such a deal for beautifully made shirt. However ordinary it looks from afar, there are more intricacies and detail than you can imagine. And I don’t know why, but that’s pretty magical to me, the beauty of clothes.

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  1. I am quite envious! Such a gorgeous find. And it’s 100% cotton which means it’s more sustainable than a synthetic item. It looks great on you.

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