6 Months on Redbubble: How Much Have I Made?

As you may be aware, I am experimenting with Redbubble as a means of creating one form of passive income. I mentioned this in my reasons I’m aiming for financial independence, and how to make cash.

Redbubble is a free to use platform that specialized in Print-On-Demand products. From clothes, home decor and bric a brac, it sells all kinds of products. All you have to do is upload an original or copyright-free image.

I created my account in July 2020, during time off work. I instantly uploaded and created designs, and right now I’ve uploaded over 200 designs.

Now I’m at the 6 month milestone, let’s go month-by-month and see how I’ve done, sales-wise.


This was an uneventful month, since I created the Redbubble account in the last few days of July. There wasn’t a lot of traction and I believe that I only uploaded 1 design in that time.

I had started by creating hand-drawn digital art, which I wasn’t that good at anyway. My focus was drawing floral patterns. However I will be critical and say I didn’t create great pieces of art.

Because of the short time period, I got no sales in this month.

Total sales margin: £0/$0


This was technically the first month of business. I had one week off work during the first days of August, so I managed to start creating a lot of designs.

At this point, I had started using a mix between MS Paint and Canva to start creating these designs. (I really advise the latter if you want to get started, it’s good for all kinds of design creation.)

Let’s get it straight, that I didn’t get many views this month either. That’s to be expected in the first month though.

However to my surprise, I actually got a sale! It was for 2 face masks from one design, and it happened within the first 2 weeks of the month. After the profit was calculated, I got my percentage within a few days!

Total sales margin: £4.78


So this month had a little bit of activity again. In terms of views, it had decreased a little, and so I had no more than 25 views. I believe it was due to uploading a lot less content, but then again 2 months is rather early to tell still.

At this point, I had uploaded a mixture of my photography and art work at the same time, to see what kinds of things would find interest.

And so in the middle of the month, I got another sale, which surprised me again! It was for a piece of art, a wood mounted print. Since these are more costly, my margin was slightly better than August’s. This was the only sale of the month.

Total sales margin: £6.26


October’s views had started to pick up again. In total, I only got 34 visitors, 9 more than September. Again, in terms of creating new art work, I did very little that month.

There was a resulting sale though, for a sticker item which I was pleased about. That kept a nice record of at least one sale a month.

Total sales margin: £1.14


Proving to be more fruitful with views, I was hoping November would really start to pick up traction. As Christmas sales started up, I’d assume more people would start looking for gifts.

I made more effort to start interacting with other creator’s works on the site too. It’s really interesting seeing the kinds of artwork people can create, and getting a feel for different artist’s shops and styles.

And this month did end with a sale. This one surprised me, because it was a pair of socks with what I think isn’t my best pattern. But you never know what people will buy sometimes!

Total sales margin: £2.28


Now into the 6th month, the final one of the year. I used this month to continue creating and interacting with all kinds of artist’s artwork on here. I feel it’s proved to be helpful in my exposure, but also to give back to other artists there too.

Although this was the month leading up to Christmas, I didn’t get an explosion of sales.

I did get one sale though, for a lovely rainbow colored throw blanket. Hopefully it will make for a nice blanket for someone.

Total sales margin: £5.55

To conclude

What I found from my first 6 months on Redbubble was that I did make some sales. I’m actually pretty amazed, and it really does show how well this can work.

Though there are many ways to effect your sales such as increasing your profit margin and tagging products accordingly, another part of it is just patience and observation.

Though I have spent many hours improving and adapting my page, I still feel I have a way to go. Which is what I’ll keep doing until I’m somewhat happy with it.

So the grand total made in the first 6 months was…

Yep, I made a modest total of £20.01, which is a penny over the withdrawal threshold. For a beginner, I think it’s not too bad.

And maybe in 6 months, when I hit the 1 year milestone, I can review how well it’s done again.

I know the shop isn’t perfect, but that’s what I’m willing to learn about and improve on. At the end of the day, if I didn’t get started trying anything, then I wouldn’t have got anywhere.

I hope you got something out of reading this. Feel free to have a browse on my Redbubble shop here if you want to see what it’s like.

Otherwise, I hope to see you again soon!

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