Outfit Tips for the Chill

Are you the kind of person that always feels cold? Even after throwing on a million layers, you still end up hearing your teeth shattering?

I’ve always had this problem. This is especially true when starting out on my journey into an interest in clothes. I thought at the time that I just needed more layers. Buy the biggest, longest items of clothing, like floor-length coats or long-sleeve turtlenecks. Then as soon as I stepped outside into the cold weather, boom. I just can’t wait to go indoors again!

I want to give some honest advice about what is helping me. I’ve definitely learnt a few things, and here I just want to give you some tips that have helped me, and other tips for different types of styles, like animal-friendly dressing.


I think this is the best all-round tip for anyone and everyone. Thermals are basically a thin but very warm layer of clothes that you can wear under your regular clothes. They come as long or sleeveless tops, leggings and tights, and even as bodysuits!

They’re usually polyester, which might be a controversial material. However, you can find many which are being made from recycled polyester. If there’s one thing that’s certain, you can be sure that polyester isn’t an animal product.

Whichever fabric you choose, thermals are great because you can put this straight under your regular clothes. You can avoid the bulkiness of wearing more layers, which is good for many reasons. It’ll be easier to move, you might not want to wear more layers, or you just don’t have enough clothes (hopefully that’s not the case!).

And better yet, you can help preserve your regular nicer clothes by avoiding it’s contact on your body!


Another excellent, and in my opinion one of the most effective choices to stay warm with. Wool is naturally very insulating due to it’s physical properties.

It’s a great example of a biological fiber which is made in nature, and can safely biodegrade back into nature. But of course it doesn’t come without it’s problems too.

Ethically sourced woolen pieces is a great way to stay warm.

Firstly, it’s method of extraction in some industries include cruelty of these farm animals, such as sheep, lambs and goats. This makes for a difficult decision when purchasing new wool goods. A tip here is to search for either non-mulesed wool, or recycled wool fibers. This ensures that the wool is sourced sensibly and ethically.

The second is simply to thrift it instead. I’ve seen plenty of wool, from extra fine merino knits to cashmere pop up in charity stores everywhere. It’s a lot easier to get your hands on, it’s better to reuse these materials than bin them, and of course it can be cheaper too.

If you’re a vegan shopper, this won’t sit right with you. So of course, I’d still advise something similar.

Vegan Wool

This sounds like a new invention, but actually it’s always been around. You’ll be glad to know that ‘Vegan Wool’ can take many forms, and they can be pretty effective insulators too.

The most well known fiber alternatives to wool are acrylic and nylon. You’ll see many more affordable knits made from these materials. Both are synthetic fibers, and not made from animal products. That’s good, right?

Again, because acrylic and nylon are plastic-based, they can be detrimental if set free into the environment. So long as they can be reused and recycled, they pose less of a problem.

The main thing to remember is to deal with these materials responsibly, and keep using and wearing them for as long as humanly possible.

Dress Oversized

The last point is to dress oversized. Wearing clothes that are not only warming, but slightly larger can be of great benefit.

See, with clothes larger than yourself, there’s an awful lot of room for air. This is the perfect condition for heat to get trapped inside your clothes, as many fibers such as cotton or wool have air pockets. These air pockets then help to trap and maintain the heat coming off your body, keeping you warm and toasty.

Going over-sized can help trap heat from your body within your clothes.

It shouldn’t take more than one of two oversized layers. The result: a very warm little wrapped up person, who feels happy and toasty (that’s usually me!).

Another great thing about oversized clothing such as jumpers is more wears per wash. You’re less likely to get bad odors from your body transfer to your clothes. And that can save you and the planet from wasting time and resources!

I hope these tips will come in handy for any of you reading. I know I haven’t covered them all, but these few have proved to help me stay very warm in the chilliest weathers. Stay warm!

5 thoughts on “Outfit Tips for the Chill

  1. I love that you mentioned non-mulesed wool. I am wearing a thermal vest right now. it’s not very pretty but it’s hidden under a sweater 😉

  2. Silk is also an amazing insulator. It’s not vegan, but silk shirts are often available secondhand. I’ll usually wear a silk button down with a cashmere or merino sweater over top when it’s super cold out.

  3. One comment about the benefits of oversized clothes: if they don’t fit well at the neckline, sleeve cuffs and hem they might not be great at insulating. A wool sweater that lets draughts down your neck and up your arms is no help at all. Take a look at the traditional fishermen’s sweaters which were worn very tight – fishermen were generally out in the worst of conditions.

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