Where To Find Style Inspiration

Style is a fluid thing. When you move through life, you’ll inevitably change the way you want to dress. Sometimes it’s easy to know that you want change, but harder to figure out how you’ll go about it.

Then come the tools that help you find inspiration. You’ll be glad to know that are many sources of inspiration you can use at your fingertips. So let’s go through some simple yet effective ways you can determine your new favorite style. (These are things I personally use!)


This is probably the most popular platform to use in order to collect samples and ideas of a visual style. You may have heard it uttered everywhere by most influencers, but it really is a great visual tool.

Think about it. Putting together a look is a visual thing, right? So it makes perfect sense to use an image based website to give you new ideas for your new image.

The great thing about Pinterest is how easy it is to use. You can ‘pin’ just about any image online onto one of your boards, which is basically saving it into an inspiration folder. You can even create different categories to fit your theme, such as ‘work outfits’, ‘seasonal outfits’ or ‘casual outfits’. You can do whatever you like and save anything!

This website is literally made to create a mood board for your inspirational needs. So definitely try this one!

Google Image Search

This might seem like an odd and boring choice. I know! But I find this search engine pretty handy for finding stuff that isn’t on Pinterest. And once you find something you like, you can actually add it to Pinterest most of the time too!

As it is a part of one of the biggest search engines in the world, the chances of there being not enough images can’t be the case! It’s so abundant in resources from fashion related websites all the way to personal blogs that you can get so many ideas from other people here. What’s not to love?


This website is a hotspot for style inspiration everywhere. I’m not just talking about young people here, I’m talking every age range!

It’s fantastic for a few reasons. Firstly, it is centered around sharing images, making it the perfect place to search for images of styles. And secondly, it’s a social media platform, meaning people get to share ideas and support each other while pursuing these independent style journeys. It’s a combination of two things that can make style-searching more fun and endearing.


This is the first real resource that I’ve been using to guide me through my style journey. YouTube can give you access to thousands upon thousands of creators out there like you and me that simply film their personal guides to how they pursue their style.

It’s one of the best ways to get hooked into finding your style. It’s not simply the act of saving loads of pretty photo shoots then maybe looking at them again later for inspo. It’s having a personality behind the face, someone who’s holding your hand and showing you what’s possible, and hopefully making you feel more inspired to pursue a look you want to try but were not sure about.

Yeah, you could argue it’s the power of persuasion and pushing you into buying their advertised products. But sometimes these content creators really do endorse things that they love, and maybe their passion can fuel your passion for your preferred styles too.

Clothes Window Shopping… Online!

The last one is of course having a little browse online on clothing websites. I’m not encouraging you to tempt yourself into a spending spree, even if you are bored! But I think you can get some ideas as to how to style certain pieces and judging for yourself whether you like it or not.

For instance, I might see a very cute puff-sleeve knit sweater and think ‘ah, & other stories do that style! Let’s get some styling ideas!’. So I’ll search the website, and I’ll see how they’ve style these pieces.

What colors have they matched together? What style of skirt or pants have they paired it with? I do these things to get an idea of how other people might work it out. Then, if I like it, I’ll try it!

To Conclude

The main thing to remember here, and I always like to stress this is that style is about finding your true self. I think there’s a big difference between choosing a style because it blends in with everyone else, or because you like how it looks. It literally doesn’t matter what this style is, it’s about how it makes you feel.

If your gut has a shadow of a doubt about a look, don’t feel you must wear it. Choose something that when you look at it, you feel like this is it. This is the most perfect piece, the outfit that makes you feel so happy when you wear it.

And I think that everyone has this gut instinct, whether they realize or not. Knowing if you like an outfit or not is personal and innate, and learning to trust that more will bring you closer to finding your style zen.

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