Lavender Sweater and Levis: Pastel Winter/Spring Outfit

Today’s outfit that I’m sharing with you is made up of some pieces I’ve definitely mentioned in previous outfit posts. I love the idea of mixing and matching my wardrobe, as this is more sustainable than buying new pieces all the time.

My aim with this outfit is to pair appropriate clothing looks and materials for the current climate here in the UK, which is winter leading into spring. It’s still very cold, and in fact today we had our first snow fall in a few years. I have consciously chosen more pastel colors to make up the whole ensemble.

It’s made up of my purple lavender colored sweater, and my light blue Levi’s 551’s. I love this combination for a more laid back look, so let’s look at this.

Lavender Cashmere Sweater

Currently it’s my beloved sweater for this winter. It’s definitely a statement in the look for sure, but I love that and want that to be the case. Purple is my favorite color!

As you’ve seen it in another of my outfits in this post here, you’ll know that it’s made of cashmere. This is another reason why it’s perfect for this time of year. Whether the cold is mild or extreme, cashmere just has a way of working with your body to regulate your temperature, keeping you warm by just the right amount.

So this sweater not only looks good, it’s so practical as well! How about that!

Levi’s 551 Jeans

Again like the lavender sweater, these Levi’s get a mention quite a lot here. Yes, they’re my mom style high rise jeans that are so comfortable thanks to the amount of room for my legs.

Of course, the light blue shade matches perfectly with the light purple top half, making a dreamy pastel outfit. And lastly, the room in these jeans means all that heat can stay trapped in there, helping to keep me nice and warm. All good so far!

You may have guessed from the tinsel that I took these pictures just before Christmas!

Neutral Clutch Bag

I’ve featured this bag in my other outfit with my beautiful burgundy skater style dress, and there’s a great reason it works well here too.

The pale pinky peach tones in this leather bag is yet another pastel color in the mix here. And with only 3 colors total in this outfit, it doesn’t overload it or make it too busy.

In general neutral shades like nude pink work well with almost any outfit color.

Light Blush Pink Shoes

These shoes were also worn with my burgundy dress. As with the clutch bag, these Clark’s shoes are perfect to match with the pastel color theme, and are very similar in color to the bag.

I also love how these shoes look kind of smart and casual. Since the outfit gives off a casual vibe thanks to the relaxed Levi’s mom style fit, these shoes balance out the masculinity of the jeans to give a feminine touch as well.

To Conclude

All in all I love how all the components of the outfit work so well when they are altogether. Since most of these pieces are designed for the current weather which is cold, it makes sense to have longer sleeves and longer jeans.

I feel as if this look is a nice and fun way to dress for a little errand out the house or visiting a friend. But if I’m wearing these heels with the outfit though, it’s more likely than not that it’ll be for indoors most of the time. Of course as I write in February 2021, I don’t really have anywhere to go with this, but I can definitely have fun playing around with outfit ideas for now!

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