Using eBay To Find Bargains

There are a lot of methods out there to find a great price on something that you really want to buy, but maybe you can’t for a few reasons. It’s too expensive for your budget, it’s too expensive in general or it’s something that you’re not willing to pay full price for. Whatever the reason, there are some things that I do when using eBay to find good value for items.

Refurbished Listings

The first thing I look at is searching in the ‘refurbished category’ of search results instead of sifting through everything. By checking the refurbished category, you can find items that are often brand new or even used once, and get them for a fraction of the full price.

Not everything is perfect here or guaranteed to be what you want however. Sometimes you find items that are all okay apart from using parts that are region specific. For these kinds of items, you’ll find it more of an inconvenience to use, so you have to do your research and read the descriptions before buying. But otherwise, some good things can be found here.

Used Listings

This is always my favorite part of the search results. I found my favorite pair of Levi’s jeans in perfect condition a year ago in this search. Used listings is the area where you can find some real bargains in relation to price, and here’s why.

The first is that these items are used, as it’s described. The fact that they aren’t brand new will instantly knock the retail price off. If like me you don’t mind the odd minor scuff or mark on something which won’t affect the function, then this won’t be a problem.

The second is if the item has a little defect. I’ve bought the odd cashmere jumpers with a minor hole that’s either been fixed or not fixed, and it’s helped me win the bids. Usually people are either put off by the defect and would much rather buy the items in a better condition. Also, if you’re willing to fix it up once it arrives, then the bargain is truly yours.

Save the Search Results

Often if I’m looking for a particular item or price, I’ll have a good look at most of the results. But if I’m not finding anything attractive, I will save the search result. This means that eBay will send me an email to tell me when a new result pops up, and if it’s something I like I can see it straight away.

I like using this tip as it simply saves me time searching all day, and I can just get on with other things. Then when I get an email about a new listing, I just need to double check it to see if it’s what I want.

I’d advise this tip for when you’re searching for something that people rarely sell. If you’re saving a popular search result, chances are your inbox will be full of hundreds of emails a day, so bare this in mind!

Search A Misspelling

Though I haven’t had much luck with this one yet, I’ve heard that this trick can help you get a fantastic deal on some things. When a product listing is misspelled, chances are that a lot of people won’t actually see the listing. With that in mind, it can help you to get to an item first.

I think this works really well in auctioned items that mean you have to be the highest bidder after a few days. With buy now items, they tend to be more expensive as this is the price the sellers expect to receive for the items. So try this one out and see if you get some good luck with your results!

Be Patient, Not Impulsive

This is so true of things that are available in abundance and always come and go on the website. It can be very easy to be impulsive, especially with an auctioned item as it makes you feel the scarcity effect.

The feeling you might have in the moment of bidding is that the item is the only one of it’s kind. Though that might be technically true, it doesn’t mean that something similar you like won’t come back again.

No matter how unique the item may seem, there are always thousands upon thousands of new listings turning up everyday. If you’re impulsive and decide to bid everything you have into it, you might end up regretting paying more than you normally would for items. So remember to be patient and don’t rush straight into a purchase.

These are 5 things that I do to try to find good deals and value for products on eBay. I know there are plenty more ideas everywhere you go, just remember not to rush into anything and be smart about shopping online.

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