Thrift of the Day: iPhone 11 Pro

Today I feel like sharing a different kind of thrifting project. I know I normally talk about my clothes purchases, but recently I’ve been saving up for a new phone.

My old phone has been with me for about 4 years now, but it’s been slowing down quite a bit recently. So I thought about getting a new phone.

As buying brand new is expensive, especially for nicer phone models, I went ahead and bought one pre-used on eBay. So let me show off my new purchase to you!

Make and Model

First things first, yes it’s an iPhone 11 Pro. I decided on this model because I’d never had an iPhone before, and wanted to venture into that territory. Though I’d heard bad things about it’s durability, I’ve read that that’s improved in recent years. I’d also heard good things about it’s camera. And since some of my side projects involve photography, I thought that’d make sense.

So the 11 Pro is last year’s model. I was conscious of choosing this to save some money, as older models go down in value after the newest ones come out. I’m happy with that since the differences between the iPhone 11 and 12 are so minute that I don’t think I’d notice.

And since this is the Pro version, it means it’s the smallest model out of all the 11 series. It’s screen is 5.8 inches, which is similar to my old android phone. I knew that anything bigger would be awkward to fit into my bags or pockets.


Probably another reason why I picked this model was the color options. This particular one is lovely gold color. I’d almost say it has a pink tint which makes it all the more appealing to me.

What more can I say. I love my pastel colors at the moment.

Storage Capacity

When I was searching for a new phone, I knew I wanted more storage. My old phone had got to a point that all the apps, updates and media on my phone had just completely filled it up. My old phone had 64gb of storage.

For this new iPhone though, I managed to get 256gb of storage, which is 4 times bigger than my previous phone! Right now this is perfect, and even once I had transferred all the apps over, I still had a lot of memory left. So I don’t have to keep seeing that ‘storage full’ notification any more. For now anyway!


I’ll be honest, this is the reason I got it a little cheaper than most pre-used iPhone 11 Pros right now.

On the item listing, there were visibly cracks in the screen. Though most people would probably be put off by that, I wasn’t. I saw that there was a screen protector on it, and at first thought that the screen might actually be intact.

However when I got the phone, that wasn’t the case, and the screen was cracked. I was still fine with this, as it’s not too noticeable when the screen is lit up. I’m willing to buy a replacement screen and repair myself when I have more money.

Apart from that, the phone itself is in perfect condition, and it still functions perfectly. So no problems otherwise.


Now the last factor that is probably the deciding one is the price.

Normally if you search eBay for an iPhone 11 Pro with 256gb of storage, they will cost you at least £650 / $900 upfront. Even if you search for refurbished iPhone 11 Pros, it’ll cost about that much.

Though I was toying with the idea of it, I didn’t want to pay that much. I wanted to keep it under £500 / $690 in total. So when I saw this listing and how little traction it got, I decided to watch it. It was on auction with only 3 hours until the end of bidding, so I decided to go for it.

In the end I won the bid, and I got this phone for… £440 / $610! I think it was a reason price, given how it’s under a year old with cracks on the screen. In addition, it still has a functioning face ID, as well as iCloud unlocked. As I’ve said, I will get round to repairing the screen myself in the future, but for a nice phone I bought outright, I’m very happy with what I’ve got.

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