Saving Money on a New Phone

So as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I recently got a new phone pre-used from eBay. In fact, my past 2 phones were purchased pre-used. This is one of many ways that you can save on buying a nicer smartphone model like a newer iPhone or Samsung phone.

It’s more common to get a phone contract nowadays as an easy way to get an expensive phone than to buy it outright. In theory, it does make sense because you’re paying a smaller amount of money per month instead of paying full price. However, if you add up those monthly bills, you’ll find it costs more as interest is taken into account.

So shall we have a look at a few ways to save money on that new phone bill? Let’s have a look.

Buy Outright

As I’ve mentioned a second ago, buying a smartphone through a contract will actually cost you more. When you’re on a 24 month contract, you won’t only be charged for the phone. You’ll also be paying for phone services such as data, texts and calls. And lastly, you’ll be charged extra money as interest for deciding to spread your payments over a longer time frame.

So you can’t avoid paying for phone services, but you can do something about paying interest. You can opt to try to buy your phone outright.

This is a great thing to do that can save you a good percentage of money. This does mean that you have to save up your money before you buy your phone, but think about it. If you do this within a few months, you will save yourself some money in the long run.

Pre Used

With pre-used purchases, it’s a lot easier to buy your phone outright than if it’s brand new. That’s not to say that brand new purchases are impossible, but there are some benefits buying pre-used if you’re careful.

It’s definitely less wasteful than always opting for brand new. With a second hand phone, it means that you’re giving a phone a second lease of life. I know that after a while technology can become obsolete, but with things that are barely a year old, I think it’s a bit of a waste.

And sometimes, you can actually get a really good deal if you keep searching and stay patient!


I know that we all want the latest or best smartphone brands, and naturally there’s a lot of good reasons why they’re popular. But if you really don’t care about those things, maybe it’s a good idea to downgrade. Whether it’s an older model of an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or even a completely different make, just buying a cheaper phone makes a lot of sense.

Most phones nowadays have all of the same basic features anyway such as a camera and a WiFi connection. And if you’ve got those 2 things, it’s pretty much enough do to the majority of things to want to get from it.


This point ties in with buying your phone outright. A sim only contract allows you to only pay for your network’s services. The great thing about this of course is that it’s normally cheaper, and some of them are pretty flexible too.

For instance, some networks actually offer 1 month contracts, which are basically like pay as you go. With this, you can even opt out at the end of any month without being charged a fee. And besides, you can probably save more money on your network’s services if you find you don’t use a lot of calls, text or data anyway.

Ask Family or Friends

This very last point can be the best way to make your new phone bill cheaper. If a friend or family member has recently got a new phone, chances are they have an old phone that they could either lend you or sell to you.

Not everyone has a lovely old iPhone 11 in mint condition in their closets though, but it’s always worth a shot. And if they do, then that’s even better! You might not have to pay for postage, or better yet for the phone if you’re lucky!

To Conclude

No method is right or wrong, and by no means do you have to choose this instead of a phone contract. Some people won’t actually mind paying a small premium to get a lovely new phone that they can spread the payments for. And if those monthly payments are reasonable, there are benefits to getting out a contract, such as building up your credit score.

Anyway I hope these ideas give you some alternative ways to save money on a new phone, which I’m sure we could all do with more of!

6 thoughts on “Saving Money on a New Phone

  1. Love this post! I have bought outright brand new in the past. I also recently bought a used and refurbished phone from Back Market. It’s still going strong after 3 years so I’m very happy with that. Second hand is so great – saves money and avoids extracting more resources to create new products 🙂

  2. Great post! I think getting a pre-used phone is a really great idea and I was planning to get a new phone recently and decided on a pre-used one too!

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