Pushing Through the Difficulties

Life is never full of entirely good moments back to back, nor is it totally bad either. That’s why it’s best compared to a roller coaster. It always goes up and down. It’s not usually static either no matter how much you try to keep things the same.

This is why it’s actually more important to expose yourself to everything that life offers you. It can be incredibly hard to stay motivated and go back to those difficult things. But sometimes once those difficulties are overcome, you can come out bigger and better and more capable of dealing with these problems.

Only Persist If It’s Worth It

I would never encourage someone to keep doing something that is causing incredible physical and emotional pain. It could be a toxic work environment, a lack of work and life balance, or something you just don’t want to be a part of in the future.

If that’s the case, then make that choice and walk from it if possible.

However, there may be struggles that will be worth it in the end. For example, any early stage of a job or project will always involve learning new things. It will involve building something from the ground up, whether that’s your experience, credibility or awareness. Over time, once those things are built up, it will begin to become a valuable asset that can get you up to the next step.

And once you are there, then that learning and building up stage should no longer be necessary. Or it will take less work than before as you’ll now have the relevant experience. With that, it won’t be as hard to continue.

It Won’t Last Forever

When you’re in the moment, the moment of feeling overwhelmed by difficult situations, it really makes life feel like an unsolvable problem. You think it’s day in, day out, and when will it ever end??

Truth is it’s not really like that. There are choices that can be made sometimes, and even other people you can talk to before you give up completely.

These problems could be something you need more time to learn and practice. If that’s the case, time can certainly help. And talking to someone that has the power to help change things could be pretty beneficial too. A boss at work or a friend or family member might not even know how things are making you feel, and so sharing it might help create and recognize new solutions. With that, it could improve the difficulties you are facing.

Asking For Help

Everyone has some wisdom to share. As a human being, you’d expect that we’ve been through similar life experiences in some shape or form. So don’t be afraid to ask anyone for help. Sometimes, to get out of the struggle you’re feeling, you have to build the courage to do another thing you think might be embarrassing to do.

But part of growing in wisdom comes with dealing with that humility, or any kind of embarrassment. Sometimes something is only embarrassing because you’re thinking and feeling it is. If you shake it off as another normal mistake, it’ll be another load off your shoulders, and hopefully a step closer to getting the answers and advice you’ll want in life.

You’re Not Alone

Truth be told, we’re all struggling with something everyday. No matter how small or big that problem will seem, whether it’s obvious to others or not, it’s there. Right now, I’m having this very problem at work. It’s making it very hard to wake up in the mornings with motivation. However, I know that I’ve already learnt and developed so much because of it. And better yet, I’m still going to need it to help me with my other long term life goals, so I can’t just walk from it yet.

So whether it’s someone else you know or yourself who is going through a tough time, how about offering to lend an ear and sharing each other’s inner thoughts? A problem shared can be a problem halved, simply by feeling you’re not alone with it.

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