Looking Forward to Spring

I think it would be nice to explore some of the simple pleasures of what a new season can bring. Today, as I look out the window with little to do, I thought that practicing some gratitude might be the best thing. And looking forward to some of the good things that comes in spring will hopefully lift our spirits.

Longer Days

I feel like this is a psychological thing, but I’m not a big fan of short days. Right now in the UK, it still gets dark at 6 o’ clock in the evening, and after that I just feel the dread of the next day dawning.

I usually fancy myself as a bit of a morning bird, and when I’m due to start work from late afternoon to evening, I usually wake up later too. So normally I don’t see much of the sun.

But soon enough, once our British Summer Time starts and we wind our clocks forward, we can start to see lighter mornings and hopefully lighter evenings creep up. There’s just something about the power of nature that really affects my mood sometimes.

More Flowers and Greenery!

Okay, I really love being in nature. I’ve noticed in the last month that a lot of lovely flowers are popping up all across town! Daffodils are the main ones I’m seeing everywhere, including at the front of our house.

If there’s something that really brightens my day, especially when I leave the house to go to work, it’s seeing bright and colorful flowers. Honestly!

And obviously trees are starting to regrow their leaves again, so everywhere you look, it’s not just bare branches either. It’s a nice feeling that spring is just around the corner!

I Can Finally Plant Some Seeds!

If I didn’t love flowers, then I don’t think I could be patient enough to learn to grow my own plants again and again. I’m slowly learning to keep my plants alive, and so far I’ve kept some nice dahlias alive in our kitchen.

One of my mini sunflowers. This one is smaller than my hand here!

Other than that, I’m really looking forward to growing some sunflowers again! Last year, we planted like 20 seeds and got about 10 sunflowers. Only 3 of them were big, and only 4 feet tall… But I enjoyed it! There’s just something fun about trying to be more green fingered in the warmer months.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold…

The best thing about spring is obviously the temperature. I’m not a fan of extreme hot or cold. In the summer, I burn really easily, and in winter, I turn blue and shiver just as quickly.

My absolute favorite month has to be May. It’s at that point where the temperature is just perfect, and you can go for a walk without a coat or needing to take off your jumper. I’d say it’s like Goldilocks finding the perfect season…

I Can Wear My Whole Wardrobe!

Well okay, not all at once. But because of the slightly varying weather conditions, I actually have more chances to wear all kinds of pieces that I own in my wardrobe.

I can make use of the jumpers and sweaters to some extent, especially in the evenings, and sometimes go for more light weight pieces. In fact, I can combine typical summery and wintery styles together for a unique feel and look!

I am trying out one of my cashmere sweaters with a more spring like long white skirt.

It’s a time when you don’t have to let go of those ‘winter’ pieces yet, and still make way for your light, breezy and floral pieces. To be honest, I like the feeling of preparing to dress for a new season!

Bring On Spring!

This has been more like a mini gratitude post devoted to spring. But to be honest, we all need something to look forward to at a time like this. I’m sure you can all find something that you look forward to in the spring too. I know these are some things that keep me going day to day.

Still got a chill down your spine about the cold weather? Don’t forget to remind yourself of reasons to look forward to winter here (even at the end of the season!)

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