Why Choose Non Material Gifts?

In the 21st century, physical gifts are slowly getting boring. When I say that, it’s not to say we’ve given up on it entirely. But for the fairly new wave of interest in minimalism, a ‘less is more’ lifestyle approach is beneficial to our lives physically and emotionally.

So if we are trying to choose more non material or non physical gifts, what are some good reasons to do so?

Less Clutter

As discussed in regards to the minimalism movement, giving or receiving a non material gift means it will take up less space in your life. It will literally take up little to no room, and there’s no issue trying to find a spot for it. Without the need to find a space for it, it’s going to be less clutter for you to worry about.

This also means less worrying about it’s whereabouts and maintenance for the most part. Physical items require the time, energy and care to keep them the way they are, to keep them clean and slow down the affects of time and damage. Without those characteristics, it should be another load off your mind.

Less Waste

Considering that the effects of time and age deteriorate on material goods, then eventually you’ll either want to re-home it or have to dispose of it.

However, with non material items, you’ll have less worry and stress about how to take care of it. In theory this is good for the environment, if you compare disposing of anything non-biodegradable to gifting a charitable donation online. In the short term, both options carry a carbon footprint, but in the long term a non biodegradable item will generally do more harm.

Easier To Send

It’s already hard enough choosing a present for the recipient, right? So how about figuring out how to deliver it too? You could deliver it yourself, costing fuel. You could post it, with larger items costing more to post.

Or you choose something that’s as easy as emailing it. (Of course you might be able to deliver from a retailer straight to the recipient). A gift that is non material is so much easier to deliver.

And don’t forget the distance between you and the destination. That would factor in when sending large parcels too. So think about how much a gift voucher for a store would cost to send versus post and packaging with a physical product.

More Choice/Flexibility

There are so many more possessions that exist in the world today. And with that, there are actually more ways than one to deliver something more specific.

As mentioned previously, a gift voucher is great for this. If you don’t know the exact item someone wants, or you want to give someone the choice, gift cards are excellent for this. You can then use these for a wide variety of items from the entire shop it’s for.

Putting Money to Everlasting Gifts

The great thing about spending money on non material gifts is it’s ability to keep on giving. Yes sure, a sweater could definitely keep giving, or kitchen tools help you cook meals for years. That isn’t to say that material gifts are worthless.

This is to say that some non material gifts can be treasured in your heart for a lifetime. Life experiences are a great example of this. How many times can you say you’ve been to a popular destination all the way on the other side of the world? Or seen the most breathtaking views in the world?

There are so many non material gifts that stick with you for your life, not just for the duration of it’s life. Maybe they’re things you’ll get one shot at, and because the opportunity is so unique, it’ll be more special. Physical possessions can come and go, but not in the same way that experiences can.

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