Little London Sights: Postbox

It’s been over a year since we’ve gone anywhere nice. I want to start reminding myself of all the little sights that made me want to photograph and remember it.

And looking back at old photos, I did remember some bits on my travels that caught my eye.

Today’s little sight is this golden post box here.

It’s probably the fact that it’s colored gold, instead of the usual red ones we have. But I remembered seeing it and thinking how pretty it was.

This is located outside Westminster Abbey, which probably explains why it’s special.

Next time I will share some more pretty sights in London. It’s an amazing city and I love visiting it!

5 thoughts on “Little London Sights: Postbox

  1. These are painted gold in honour of British Olympic gold medal winners from the 2012 Olympics and Paraolympics. They paint the postbox closest to where the athlete grew up.

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