Disappointment Can Grow You

Developing and growing in a world of difficult challenges can feel like the worst thing in the world. Sometimes you win some which feels great. And sometimes you lose some, which feels awful. But what you’ll notice is that this losing feeling, this disappointment can be a good thing sometimes.

Recognizing Where Changes Are Needed

When you’re facing a task, a challenge or a test, the last thing you want is to be told all the things you did wrong. We do everything in our power to try to avoid it, whether it’s learning all about it or just avoiding it all together. So we might do too much or too little towards it to avoid the disappointment of failure and being told that.

But what if it could be taken as a list of things to achieving better success next time? The factors for success? This can depend entirely on the person feeding back your review, but if you don’t take it too personally and see it as pointers to do well, you can take a bigger load off your chest. And maybe next time, you’ll cover more of what is wanted and do it even better!

Repeating Problems Can Make Them Easier

The first time you encounter a problem you’ve never faced before, you’ll likely struggle. No matter how much you’ll try to draw from previous experience, you may not have much of it.

This can make returning to the problem scarier for fear of the consequences of being seen as a failure. But if you stop to address that situation again, and figure out a better way to carry it out (check the previous point), this will almost definitely give you the tools to do it better next time round.

And once you’ve successfully made it through a few more times, you’ll get better and better at doing these things. You might not like it to start with, but by the end you’ll be an expert at cruising through new challenges.

Remember To Rest Sometimes

You might be in the mindset to go ahead and overcome those points that disappointed you, so you work even harder at getting better at it. But don’t forget your down time.

If you don’t make time to stop and clear your mind of these thoughts, you will most likely burn out or lose all motivation for it. Rest can include enjoy your hobbies instead, sleeping or doing nothing. Whatever works to recharge you, remember to treat yourself to that.

Be True To Your Feelings

Disappoint is still a normal feeling to have. As a majority of us a feeling it, it can be a good sign that you care about what you’re doing and you want to get better at it.

So don’t deny yourself of that feeling just because you think other people might not like it. Though saying that, do your best to remain composed in more professional settings.

If you feel upset at home, talk to someone close and let those feelings out. If they understand, they will support you and hear you out. If it’s a matter you want to discuss further, for instance something regarding the workplace, then compose yourself to discuss it there when you’re ready.

At the end of the day, your feelings matter just as much as the points raised during a review that might bring up disappointing news. Don’t forget to listen to yourself too and find a middle ground that might solve a difficulty without compromising yourself.

To Conclude

Disappoint is a natural emotion that everyone has felt in their lives. Don’t think that you’re weak just because it upsets you, it’s okay to feel this way.

Remember to think about the best ways to accept disappoint if you face it in your life, and to understand that you’re going to come out of this okay no matter the result.

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