Thrift of the Day: Cream Wide Leg Jeans

Hello everyone and welcome back! I’ve been taking a break for the past month, partly due to the busiest work schedule ever and partly for needing a reset.

But now that I’m back, I’m very excited to share a very (guilty!) recent thrift that I bought the other week.

Here in the UK, the first stage of lockdown lifted, so non essential shops and outdoor dining is now available. I haven’t gone out to eat, but of course I had to pop into a thrift store and check out their wares!

I got a few bits, but today I want to share with you this lovely pair of jeans that I bought.


The first thing that always catches my eye is how they are made up. These jeans are unsurprisingly made of 100% cotton, which has a thumbs up for me. I love finding all natural fibers in my clothing, ideally without synthetic fibers.

For a pair of denims, this is great as I find them to be so much more durable when they’re made with thick, solid cotton. So that one’s a win for me.


So I will describe these jeans as a very light, creamy color to my eyes. I’m already in love with warm neutral tones like this one, but something is very unique about the coloring in these jeans.

It contains flecks of very faint brown threads, as well as a chocolate brown colored thread running right through the seams and hems.

As I’m slowly becoming a fan of brown tones in my wardrobe, I very much like how this is styled.


So two points have ticked the right boxes for me so far, and the next one is definitely the style. Not only is it a lovely wide leg pant style, as in a very wide leg at the bottom of the jeans, it’s also a pretty good high waist pair as well.

Not only are high waists a good, comfortable and favorite style of mine in bottoms, they bode well with my body shape and height, giving me optical length and to me I think it flatters me.

The wide leg and loose fit is also pretty new to my wardrobe. The only other pair of trousers with a similar style is a pair of camel colored wool pants which have featured in my outfits here for instance. Since I’ve grown to love it, I’m now testing it with this pair. In addition, the looseness gives my legs room to move a breathe more freely.


So this pair of jeans are from Crew Clothing Company. They are a British clothing brand known for classic and fairly timeless casual basic pieces at affordable high street prices. So it’s nothing special, however these jeans seem really well made.

I have noticed the fabric feeling quite soft for denims, and that’s more likely due to it’s age. However, since they’re well made for casual use, they feel as if they will last for a long time yet.


Given all these factors that drew me to this pair of jeans, all in all they only cost me £6 or around $8. I think that’s definitely a much better deal than spending between £50 to £70 on a brand new pair. So again, this feels very worth the buy. Hopefully I will be wearing it a lot all year round!

To Conclude

I’m so glad that I bought these jeans as they fulfill something in my wardrobe I have been hoping to add to.

They are both comfortable and stylish, and I think they look pretty good. Now I know the wide leg could look excessive to some people, but I’m happy with it and love the silhouette, plus it doesn’t have to restrict my legs like skinny jeans will.

The neutral cream color also combines well with many of the pieces I already own, either in similar colors or warm tones as well. This is very important to save from buying clothes that will be sidelined for matching with nothing else.

And then lastly, it’s also great value and cost very little, which is good for my wallet. The only qualm I had with these jeans was it’s band size being one up from my normal size, however I plan to do some DIY thrift flips on it to make that right!

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