My Fast Fashion Jacket is Degrading!

Why am I passionate about finding and keeping great quality clothing pieces? I think most of us want to buy good quality clothes that could potentially last us longer than one season.

This is more true for items that you find grow to become a core piece or style in your wardrobe. It might be the style, the cut or color. But whatever it is, you want it to last a while.

Which brings me to…

…this jacket that I’ve had for 10 years now. It’s a faux leather ‘pleather’ jacket you could say, which is a really classic piece in a lot of people’s wardrobes. I love the style as its cropped and hits me at around waist level which I prefer.

The color is a simple and solid black texture design, and it comes with silver hardware. So nothing special here.

I bought it in my late teens and it’s one of the few purchases I’ve kept this long. At the time, I bought a lot of fast fashion so this is of course an H&M jacket.

I’ve worn this jacket on and off…

… and it’s been a fantastic and versatile piece in my wardrobe. As the years have gone by, its worked with plenty of different styles.

Though for half of the year, I tend to keep it safe in storage so I don’t over wear it.

As its a thinner jacket, I save this to wear in the spring and autumn when temperatures are somewhere in between hot and cold.

So I got it out of storage this Spring…

… finding something pretty unfortunate.

Since I never realized how thin the pleather coating was, it was actually starting to crack and peel off the jacket. If you look at the photos, it actually looks like someone has clawed it (I promise it hasn’t been!).

It’s a bit of a pity as I love the style of this jacket.

It hasn’t stopped me wearing it!

Despite the visible degrading on my jacket, I’ve still decided to wear it anyway. I’ve chosen to make it a look and go with that distressed vibe it’s giving off now!

Of course this isn’t a great solution as it’s still falling apart as I wear it, but I’m not sure I’m willing to let it go yet.

What does it say about the Quality of Fast Fashion?

This jacket alone cannot represent all items of clothes produced in the fast fashion industry, but it’s certainly the first piece of evidence that is teaching me something.

I feel that 10 years is a good indication to judge this piece for quality though.

And since my intention is to find and keep pieces that I want to wear for many many years, then this jacket won’t meet that expectation.

I know it will influence more strongly how I buy in the future. Buying second hand and better quality for more affordable prices has already been in my routine, and this just strengthens that ideal for me.

I hope it can make you think a little about how much you’re willing to invest in long term pieces for your wardrobe. Remember, you don’t even need to spend a lot to get great quality clothes. (Places like eBay or Oxfam are great to start with.)

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  1. Wow that’s interesting – it does look a bit like a tiger has attacked you! It makes me wonder how much of the clothes today will last long enough to become the future’s vintage.

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