Pros and Cons of eBay Fashion

I am quite a fan of buying my second hand fashion from eBay. I make no secret of doing it for the past few years. Swapping from fast fashion stores has made me feel I’m choosing a slightly better habit that supports regular sellers instead of big, unsustainable corporations.

Though I have no regrets (mostly!) and find buying from eBay easy, I do come across some points that don’t make shopping online simple. So here are some points and what I think of them.

Pros – Less waste – fairly environmentally friendly

One great thing about buying pre-used fashion is not contributing to those mass-produced companies. Often, they make more than they sell, and what is left over can be wasted. And not to forget, it’s poor production quality means these garments sometimes get damages more easily, and they go in the bin quicker.

Cons – some sellers offer no returns

This can be a pain when buying pre-owned fashion. If you’re not sure you’ll like it, and you realize later it’s ‘no returns’, it’s not always an option to send it back. I can understand why. If you’re selling an item, you don’t want the hassle of paying for return postage. And if you just want to get rid of the item, you don’t want to see it come back to you.

If you really wanted to buy a garment, check the returns policy first. Every seller is different. Of course if the item isn’t as described, you’re entitled to a refund. But worse case scenario, if you buy it and don’t like it, you could consider reselling it yourself or donating it.

Pros – lots of unique variety

The great thing about buying online from sellers around the country is having more choice. You can even buy items from international sellers around the world. You’ll have to pay international postage fees, but if its something you want you can guarantee not everyone has it.

You can often search for features or styles that you want in your clothes. For example, I like to find petite styles to fit my small frame. Or high-waisted bottoms which I find comfortable and flattering. Whatever it is, you can get something that is different to what other people have because there might only be one!

Cons – shipping times and CO2 impact

When ordering off eBay, you’ll need to have the item shipped. Firstly, it means that a vehicle will likely ship it to you. This still uses petrol or diesel, so it’s not a great environmental option. However, companies like Royal Mail are aiming to use more electric vehicles. If vehicles like this are used, with renewable energy sources, imagine how much less harm this method will cause!

Another thing is waiting for items to be in the post. This could be from the other side of the country! That means that you’ll need to wait up to a week to see the item. But remember, good things come to those who wait!

So these were a few things I picked out about shopping pre-loved on eBay. What do you like about eBay, and what do you think could be improved? I would love to know your thoughts.

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