Little London Sights: Westminster Abbey

Today’s Little London Sight is definitely more like a mighty big one. Westminster Abbey. Up until last year, I had never been to see it before, and I was born here in the UK! It was pretty much in the same spot as the golden postbox I spoke about a few days ago. Simply by […]

Disappointment Can Grow You

Developing and growing in a world of difficult challenges can feel like the worst thing in the world. Sometimes you win some which feels great. And sometimes you lose some, which feels awful. But what you’ll notice is that this losing feeling, this disappointment can be a good thing sometimes. Recognizing Where Changes Are Needed […]

Little London Sights: BBC Centre

I’m not sure how well known the British Broadcasting Corporation is world wide, but I’m certain it’s very well known here. Though I watch things on BBC channels all the time in the UK, it’s strange and exciting to think of a place where some famous faces may have actually passed by. I know not […]

Little London Sights: Postbox

It’s been over a year since we’ve gone anywhere nice. I want to start reminding myself of all the little sights that made me want to photograph and remember it. And looking back at old photos, I did remember some bits on my travels that caught my eye. Today’s little sight is this golden post […]


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