Pros and Cons of eBay Fashion

I am quite a fan of buying my second hand fashion from eBay. I make no secret of doing it for the past few years. Swapping from fast fashion stores has made me feel I’m choosing a slightly better habit that supports regular sellers instead of big, unsustainable corporations. Though I have no regrets (mostly!) […]

Shopping Habits: Where or Why to Buy Just as Important?

If you’re someone like me and you’re reading this, you probably have some level of interest in shopping. It could be a desire for anything from household decor to something hobby-specific. Or the most common ones being clothes and food. A few years ago I started to adapt my shopping habits from fast fashion retail […]

My Fast Fashion Jacket is Degrading!

Why am I passionate about finding and keeping great quality clothing pieces? I think most of us want to buy good quality clothes that could potentially last us longer than one season. This is more true for items that you find grow to become a core piece or style in your wardrobe. It might be […]

Thrift of the Day: Cream Wide Leg Jeans

Hello everyone and welcome back! I’ve been taking a break for the past month, partly due to the busiest work schedule ever and partly for needing a reset. But now that I’m back, I’m very excited to share a very (guilty!) recent thrift that I bought the other week. Here in the UK, the first […]


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