Where To Find Style Inspiration

Style is a fluid thing. When you move through life, you’ll inevitably change the way you want to dress. Sometimes it’s easy to know that you want change, but harder to figure out how you’ll go about it. Then come the tools that help you find inspiration. You’ll be glad to know that are many […]

Outfit Tips for the Chill

Are you the kind of person that always feels cold? Even after throwing on a million layers, you still end up hearing your teeth shattering? I’ve always had this problem. This is especially true when starting out on my journey into an interest in clothes. I thought at the time that I just needed more […]

6 Months on Redbubble: How Much Have I Made?

As you may be aware, I am experimenting with Redbubble as a means of creating one form of passive income. I mentioned this in my reasons I’m aiming for financial independence, and how to make cash. Redbubble is a free to use platform that specialized in Print-On-Demand products. From clothes, home decor and bric a […]

Thrift of the Day: Pink Beige Frill Blouse

This gorgeous pink, frill-trimmed shirt I thrifted a couple of months back is my thrift of the day. I have to highlight it because even though it’s a recent purchase, I couldn’t help myself. It makes quite a statement when you look at it. It’s definitely not plain to say the least. So I want […]


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