Since we are all spending more time at home at the moment, it's unsurprising that a lot of people are
The magical thing about the existence of colors is the ability to play with and mix and match them in
I currently own quite a few thrifted pieces of clothing right now, and I would like to shine a light
A few days ago, I was gifted a new sewing machine on my birthday. I had wanted one since I
Although a lot of retailers are delaying the release of their warmer pieces and collections, I think that it's safe
If you're fortunate to be of South East Asian descent like me, then you might have inherited the stubbornly straight
You might be mistaken to think that vintage clothes are outdated and no longer wearable pieces from history. Although it's
If you're short like me and under 5 foot 5 inches tall, then you'll understand a lot of things can
As I speak in September 2020, face masks are a requirement in most public places. This means covering your nose
We are now beginning to say goodbye to the summer weather here in the northern hemisphere. In this in-between stage,
As a pet owner, you're going to be familiar with getting a lot of lint on your clothes. Your best
Looking after your clothes should be a priority when maintaining its appearance. There are many ways to look after your
As we approach the month of September, we're starting to notice the changes outside our windows. Instead of walking to
Whether you're choosing what colors your outfit should be, or what accessories you should wear, considering the tone of your
We are currently living in a world where everyday is just so busy. It's just go go go, and there's
So I've talked about why I think you should do more second hand thrift shopping in this article here, and
Whether you're in the transitional period of your wardrobe make over, or you're starting up your collection from scratch, deciding
So summer is very nearly drawing to a close. In the past few weeks, we have seen the hottest weather
Most of us are leading very busy lives. I know this is true for myself; I work ten hour days
Patterns are one of the best ways to jazz up your outfit. They can bring out another dimension to your