Going about your daily life requires some level of motivation. You need it to get to the places you need
If you're short like me and under 5 foot 5 inches tall, then you'll understand a lot of things can
Wool is such as a classic basic material for the colder winter months. It's a luxurious fabric that works so
It's only taken me a quarter of a century to finally feel kind of satisfied with myself. I've understood the
Known as the beautiful fabric that is brilliant at imitating other more natural fabrics, viscose is becoming more popular these
One of the most widely used materials for all sorts of purposes, cotton is one of the best natural fabrics
As a beautiful and natural fabric, linen serves many purposes in our lives. As an item of clothing, it makes
How do you go about recognizing this widely used and imitated material? With the growing market of impressive faux-leather alternatives
So you're browsing around in a thrift store, looking for some high quality silk at a bargain price. You come
There are a few things to look out for if you think you've found a garment made of polyester. In
Like me, you might be the kind of person who enjoys sifting through thrift stores looking for nice clothes. And
The 21st century is characterized by the lack of free time for a lot of us working people. To make
This is not exactly what you think it might mean. When most people hear the word 'failure' you think of
As I speak in September 2020, face masks are a requirement in most public places. This means covering your nose
We are now beginning to say goodbye to the summer weather here in the northern hemisphere. In this in-between stage,
No matter what you do in your everyday life to make things easier, you are always going to encounter something
As a pet owner, you're going to be familiar with getting a lot of lint on your clothes. Your best
For the past 6 months, I've been pretty obsessed with my little steaming device. I bought a small brand one
Looking after your clothes should be a priority when maintaining its appearance. There are many ways to look after your
As we approach the month of September, we're starting to notice the changes outside our windows. Instead of walking to