It should be about being happy about what you wear It should be choosing to wear something that suits you,
For some people, working in the field of interacting with and serving customers on a daily basis can feel rewarding.
If you're someone like me, with somewhat sensitive skin which decides to react to substances in your products fairly often,
Though most of us don't really want to dive into the territory of owing money, it's something that we ought
It's that time of November again to wait until midnight to grab some bargains of the year again... yes, the
Before I came across the idea of the Kibbe body typing test, I was used to body shape descriptions such
Whether you're a minimalist or not, the topic of gift-giving and gift-receiving can seem like a difficult one to broach
Today's thrift of the day is getting a highlight because I've owned it for a good year and a half
I have had some time to reflect on my travels to Japan in 2019, and think about the food that
I can't begin to rave on about why velvet is such a beautiful fabric and why I love having it
Putting off jobs that you're aware need looking at will only build up after time, and the more you put
Today's thrifted item of the day is something I found quite recently in a local second hand shop, and with
Colors are a great way to express yourself by changing the mood of your aesthetics. They're also just a lot
How can we optimize our hours of sleep before we actually go to sleep you might ask? Well there are
If you ever get the chance to visit Tokyo, and you're a big fan of the Studio Ghibli films, then
Whether you own a little or a lot, I think we can agree that having at least one well made
Since we are all spending more time at home at the moment, it's unsurprising that a lot of people are
The magical thing about the existence of colors is the ability to play with and mix and match them in
Like I mentioned in my other post about eating out in Bangkok, the food isn't very different technically speaking. Since
I currently own quite a few thrifted pieces of clothing right now, and I would like to shine a light