The work-life balance is always talked about in the workplace as something to strive for, yet not everyone achieves this
A few days ago, I was gifted a new sewing machine on my birthday. I had wanted one since I
Out of all the types of foundations out there, liquid foundation is my favorite. It's easy to apply, and my
One of the most exciting things about backpacking is doing new things that you've never experienced before. And last year
So continuing with my travels last year in January, I talked about my visit to the Moon Bar right here
At the beginning of January 2019, my partner and I set off to the airport on our first day to
If you're not so prepared for it, shopping for presents can be a chore. But with the gift of having
Most of us have probably spent a lot less money than normal in the last 6 months, for some pretty
Although a lot of retailers are delaying the release of their warmer pieces and collections, I think that it's safe
I know that the year 2020 hasn't been anyone's favorite year, which we can totally agree on. With the fullness
Hello and welcome to the Petite Girl's Guide to... well just about anything in life really! I like to talk
Physical health is just one of two things you should be focusing on when looking after yourself. It's important to
When I talk about the definition of bravery, what do I mean? Yes, some physical tasks like climbing heights and
As the natural roller coaster ride that is life normally goes, there are ups and downs. It doesn't matter what
This gorgeously soft and luscious fabric has a reputation for being one of those expensive materials that is hard to
If you're fortunate to be of South East Asian descent like me, then you might have inherited the stubbornly straight
Like me, many of you may own leather clothes, such as jackets, or leather accessories like handbags or belts. The
Here in the UK we are slowly but surely approaching the true start of fall and winter time, which means
Denim is a staple in many of our wardrobes. This basic works so well because it's simple which goes with
When you're in possession of a very delicate fabric, it's import you know how to look after it right. After