Thrift of the Day: Oatmeal Cashmere Jumper

Thrift of the Day: Oatmeal Cashmere Jumper

Today's thrift of the day is a purchase I made last year, during the late winter months when I was starting my cashmere sweater collection. I found this on eBay for what I think was a definite bargain, and originally ordered it with the idea of gifting it to someone else. There was one thing [...]

Is Vintage Better?

You might be mistaken to think that vintage clothes are outdated and no longer wearable pieces from history. Although it's true that fashion on the whole continues to change and evolve, there are many pieces that are always here to stay. Photo by Burst on You may wander around the 'vintage' section in thrift [...]

Conscious Face Masks

As I speak in September 2020, face masks are a requirement in most public places. This means covering your nose and mouth when you're indoors, where you can't shield or distance yourself from people you don't live with. Photo by Helena Lopes on So face masks, made of fabric materials, and face shields made [...]