Cashmere – My Ultimate Fall/Winter Choice

Here in the UK we are slowly but surely approaching the true start of fall and winter time, which means it's time to start getting your coats and knits out. And I feel like this is the most appropriate time to talk about my absolute obsession during these colder months. Photo by Daria Shevtsova on [...]

How to Care for Silk

When you're in possession of a very delicate fabric, it's import you know how to look after it right. After all, not doing so can cause irreversible and permanent damage. Photo by Alina Vilchenko on This applies very much so to silk garments. It's important that you look after silk correctly, as it is [...]

How to Care For Wool

Wool is such as a classic basic material for the colder winter months. It's a luxurious fabric that works so well to keep you warm on the chilliest days imaginable. As a natural fiber, it requires some specific methods to maintain its natural beauty. Photo by u0410u043bu0435u043au0441u0430u043du0434u0430u0440 u0426u0432u0435u0442u0430u043du043eu0432u0438u045b on Without looking out for your [...]

How to Identify Viscose

Known as the beautiful fabric that is brilliant at imitating other more natural fabrics, viscose is becoming more popular these days, not only as an alternative to certain unsustainably harvested fabrics, but as a more modified version of these materials. Photo by Elina Sazonova on Its fluid existence means that its everywhere without you [...]