How to Identify Cotton

One of the most widely used materials for all sorts of purposes, cotton is one of the best natural fabrics that has been around for a very long time. It's popularity comes down to a few things - the ease of methods to obtain it, the amounts that can be produced and recycled, and the [...]

How to Identify Leather

How do you go about recognizing this widely used and imitated material? With the growing market of impressive faux-leather alternatives such as viscose based leather, it's softness and similarity to the real thing means it's getting harder to tell the difference. Photo by Martin Pu00e9chy on But what methods can you apply to figure [...]

Comfort vs. Classy: Can Your Outfits Have It All?

Whether you're in the transitional period of your wardrobe make over, or you're starting up your collection from scratch, deciding which direction your looks go can be incredibly tough, especially if you don't quite know what you like yet. In some ways, I know I'm still putting together my best, most up to date wardrobe, [...]